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We understand that life is not static, and priorities and expectations continually change.  To ensure that we meet your changing requirements, we apply a full lifecycle approach to client service.  This means that we are proactively working on your behalf, continuously addressing five steps critical to enhancing your wealth, now and into the future.


These steps apply to all our clients-business owners, executives, professionals, other high net worth individuals, and families.  With most clients, there is considerable overlapping of these steps as different needs are addressed at different times. Completing these steps essentially answers the questions:


"Where am I now?"      "Where do I want to be?"      "How do I get there?"

The more we know about your situation, the better prepared we are to develop appropriate strategies and solutions that meet your needs. Our initial meeting is a "discovery"  process in which we are both learning about each other.  This initial meeting and subsequent meetings may involve others that you have chosen to participate.  As the assessment process unfolds, we expect to meet with your tax, financial and legal advisors.

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