Private wealth planning revolves around strategies that guide the development and implementation of specific solutions for satisfying client needs and objectives.

Asset Protection

Within the context of wealth planning and protection, assets include financial, insurance, and physical entities having a role in helping individuals enhance and preserve their wealth for themselves and their heirs.  Accordingly, each of the strategies and solutions applied to an individual's needs and objectives seek to ensure that individual assets are protected as much as possible.


As an example, a particular trust might be considered as a way to reduce estate taxes, but may not fit within an overall strategy to provide protection against creditors and predators; while a different form of trust might be able to do both - reduce taxes and provide creditors and predator protection.

Business Succession

Strategies for Business Succession and Buyouts are designed to ensure that business owners achieve an orderly transfer of the business and receive maximum value in the transaction for themselves and their heirs in the event of retirement, disability or death.  These strategies often include a combination of solutions, including life insurance, employment agreements, stock-option plans, benefit plans, and various buy-sell agreements.

Tax Advantage Hedge Fund Investing

Our unique strategy creates a tax-advantaged hedge fund investing alternative to traditional hedge fund investing approaches.  Traditional investing approaches are extremely tax inefficient, splitting capital gains and ordinary income.

Executive Compensation & Benefits
Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a comprehensive strategy focused on reducing the potential impact of estate taxes, ensuring that assets and wealth are distributed according to the owner's wishes, and ensuring that the transfers are accomplished in a controllable and successful manner. 


Estate planning is a complex process that must take into account the individual needs of each family member, while at the same time considering the aggregate impact on the estate as it evolves and changes.  The process is made more difficult when family members include business owners, executives, professionals and other individuals that have their own unique situations to be addressed.  


Estate planning makes use of various legal structures such as trusts, corporations, and partnerships to help accomplish needs and objectives.

Trusts & 
Other Legal Structures

A variety of legal vehicles are used in wealth planning to protect assets, optimize tax benefits, and achieve wealth protection, enhancement and estate transfer.

Among the various legal vehicles available, trusts and insurance policies comprise the widest and most flexible range of options for wealth planning.  Used in combination by our wealth planning experts, trusts and insurance policies can be designed to address most wealth preservation and enhancement objectives.

In addition, our wealth planning experts work with legal and financial advisors to structure and deploy other legal vehicles as well, including corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, powers of attorney, wills, and other agreements such as pre-and post-nuptial agreements.

Wealth Program Funding

The essence of a wealth funding strategy is to enhance and protect your assets and wealth and to shift the risk of losing them to someone else.  Our Wealth Funding strategies are accomplished through a variety of solutions, including cash flows, annuities, life insurance, and business succession plans.

Strategies for Executives are often offered by business owners to retain highly valued executives and to support the business owner's succession plans.  Solution components of Executive Compensation & Benefit strategies include life insurance, bonus plans, ensure the tax reductions are accomplished within the context of other objectives as well, so that other important objectives are not compromised by a singular focus on one tax reduction solution.